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The Secret to Online Ebook Discovery

We have talked about three of the 10 Factors to Consider when Developing your Digital Publishing Strategy , including audience , selling direct , and monetization . Today, we tackle discovery. The way readers discover new books and content is changing and this is happening not just in the consumer trade publishing business. Discovery is moving from bookstores and face-to-face conversations to online discovery and referrals through social networks, and, as a recent study from Bowker Market Research shows, this is true even of ebooks.  In fact, O'Reilly Tools of Change published findings in 2013 to show that 39 percent of their sample discovered books online, 27 percent through an online publication, and 14 percent through social media.  So what does this mean for publishers? It means rethinking your marketing strategy to focus more on online discovery. Here are 5 Strategies for Improving your Online Ebook Discovery: 1. Search Engine Optimization - a trick to