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Tizra + iPad = Perfect

Tizra's new iOS reading interface lets you reach the fast-growing iPad audience with all the power of Tizra, including its well-established ability to help you publish to iPads in just seconds. Our Why Tizra is the Ultimate iPad Publishing Platform Top Five List!
Great reading experience -- A newly enhanced mobile web interface that's optimized for iOS touchscreens, with quick page flips at the swipe of a finger, and specifically tuned search and navigation.Amazing flexibility -- Unbundle & remix content to create new products. Sell chapters, articles & topical collections.Always up-to-date -- New content is instantly available on users' devices. No waiting for apps to sync.No App Store Middlemen -- Keep 100% of your revenue...and skip the slow approval process.No Custom Software Costs -- Tizra's iOS reader is regularly upgraded by Tizra at no additional charge to our subscribers. No need for expensive, unreliable custom code!
The Numbers Tell It All
iPad use is …